Bluetooth Earphones

Your friend will be in  a different music zone, if you gift this true wireless headphones.


Guitar pendrive 16GB

In a stylish way transfer data easily from one device to another, and gift this USB driver to your music lover friend.


3D LED illusion Guitar

Jab aap gift karengay ye 3D illusion guitar shaped light, toh wo ho jayengay khush aur karengay future bright.


 Pocket Guitar 

Music ke shokeen ko, jab aap gift karengay ye pocket guitar, toh wo jarur bolengay, ek tu hi toh hai mera saccha yaar.


Music note Suspenders and Bow tie set

When you wear this music note print bow tie, then you will surely catch people's eye.


Keyboard Music Note Tie 

Jab aap gift karengay ye tie, jisme hai keyboard music note, toh bhale hi election me modi khada ho, wo aapko hi dengay vote.


Musical Note Watch

The Watches on your hand reminded the same, but that beautiful time slipped out of your hands.


Music Note Coffee Mug

Gift your friend this beautiful cup, and then they'll call you, and ask you Bro wassup?


Framed Music Poster

By seeing this amazing music poster, your friend will feel like, he is Justin Bieber and you are his music lover.


LED Eyeglass

Your heart and mind would be blent, if you wear this LED eyeglasses in any party or music event.


Saregama Carvaan

Purane gaane sunakar, apne dost ka jiwan sudharna, toh gift karo ye saregama carvaan.


3D Wall Sticker illusion

Makes a great gift, if you want to personalise your photo in this 3D wall sticker.


Bluetooth Earphones 

for Immerse Music 

These earphone filter the outside noise, to provide a clear sound, that makes easier to hear calls, play music while walking or driving all around.


Music Inspires Me Poster

The Music poster will keeps your heart beating, and you will forget about your meeting.


Bluetooth Transmitter

and Receiver

Gift this to your friend, which has broad connectivity and look so pretty.


Multiple Wall Frames

Gift your friends this music wall painting, and make their life more entertaining.


Bluetooth Earphones

Have this earphones with stereo sound, and feel music all around.



Jab aap unhe Gift karengay ye headphone with portable charging case, toh wo bolengay, are oh dj waale babu base badha base.


 Pen Pencil Stand

Fiki pad jayegi saari Brand, jab aap gift karoge ye pencil stand.



Unke jamane main rakhte the ye Gramophone, toh chale ye tohfa deke, unhe pahucha de une unke zone.


 Djembe Instrument 

Ye Indian nahi African music hai Pagla, warna kahi tumhe ye na lage apne ghar ka Tabla.


10-Hole Harmonica

Wo jeet jayengay music ki race, jab bajangy ye instrument which has 10 hole and plastic case.


Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Alexa hai wo koi Robot nahi, usse gaana hi bajwana kuch aur nahi.


Music cranked box

Original hand crank music box, just turn the handle and it will play music that rocks.


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